Sunday, May 20

Deal with it.

I hate that I am one of those bloggers with five posts asserting that they are going to start blogging more frequently (promise!!). That said, I am srsly going to start blogging again. Or maybe I won't. That's just how I roll.

Deal with it.

Friday, February 24

signal test

oof! It has been AGES since I have blogged.

I am jumping back in with both feet. I am working through The Artist's Way with a fantastic group of creatives and I keep coming back to the fact that I MISS blogging. A lot.

So a few notes - I'll get all caught up with the news from my life, but I feel I should warn everyone that there will be talk about my "inner artist" and "flow" and "synchronicity" "artistic recovery" and other new-agey (and not very Kate-sounding) stuff. It's still me in here, but there's also all this new and blossoming stuff coming up, too. [For those out there who are already convinced I am a dirty hippie, this will all serve to reinforce that perspective].

My blog will follow both my creative journey as well as my journey as parent to two exceptional humans. We're giving unschooling and unconditional parenting a go (see note above), so you may find yourself shaking your head wildly as we navigate these waters. Bear with me, or don't.

More to come as I resume semi regular blogging.

<3 kate