Sunday, April 8

spring ahead, fall back

I have made several big changes to my blogs over the years - last year I made the small leap to a new blog that continued to use Livejournal... I love LJ and the community feel of it - but, I think I have outgrown it somehow. I can't put my finger on anything specific, but it has been dogging me for a while now and I have known in my heart of hearts it was time to start fresh.

If you are a new reader and would like to gaze at the last few years of my life you can check out idyllia_is (my most recent home on the web) and theantibarbie (my first experiments in online journaling).

This journal will be a place to write and share and work through the changes I see coming and those just over the horizon. Spring 2007, like many before, promises to bring many scary and wonderful changes, I hope to face them all head-on and with dignity - but that will remain to be seen. I hope my friends enjoy this insight into my inner workings and I really hope none of you think much less of me for it.


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