Monday, April 30

My week in notes Part 1

Monday: Nursing sunburn suffered at beach while out with Kristi and her family (awesome time!), picnic, adult talk, sun, sand and surf; the relaxing Sunday I think we all needed. Sebastian had such fun we decide to head back to beach - it is cool, quiet and lots of fun. Enjoyed some fake hot dogs from the concession and dug many holes.

Tuesday: Woke up feeling hungover. Odd since I haven't had a drink in months. Took tylenol, drank lots of water and felt better by the time we got to Granville Island to meet up with Heather and her kids. Sebastian was in a "mood" and threw a fit when I pulled him away from the Thomas the Tank train table inside one of the toy stores. I had left it to a point where I was just about ready to pee myself, so neither of us were in a state to be fucked with. But, I am bigger, so I won (yay me). Heather got there right after that and we walked over to the Market for lunch.

The sour mood continued, I gave the kid pizza (more junk food) and he decided he would prefer Jon-Jon's PB&J or Heather's dumplings. Thankfully he was relatively well-behaved and managed to sit long enough for me to plow through most of both our pizza slices. I bought Sebastian a kite for our next beach day and got home just in time for a nap.

Unfortunately it was cut short when Sebastian woke up scratching his forearms. He seems to be developing a bumpy rash, which I assume is from the shirt he was wearing. He hadn't worn it in months and it must have been washed in a detergent he is sensitive to. I gave him some Benydryl and put some lotion on the rash and tried to distract him with toys and songs and other fun things, to no avail. By the time Andrew came home we were both worn out and close to tears. A walk to find dinner took Sebastian's mind off his rash and helped me re-centre (oh why didn't I think of that???).

11:00pm: Sebastian comes into our room in tears, we thought it might be gas and massaged him before finally giving him ovol - gas gone, still up... maybe his teeth? He's getting his last set of baby molars and they have been bothering him steadily for a few days, the motrin I gave him this afternoon would have worn off by this time (midnight) so we wearily gave him another dose.

Again, still up (though, as with the gas, mildly less uncomfortable). Andrew notices that he is grabbing at his neck, gives the area a little rub and finds two... lumps, for lack of a better word. They feel a little like cysts- but we're flummoxed, are they something, are they nothing, what on earth do we do???

Wednesday: By this point (1:00ish) we are all bum tired, Sebastian seems to be calming down and falling asleep - I have yet to be able to find and feel the lumps and so am unsure as to how to react. S had an eczema flare-up this afternoon after wearing a shirt from the back of his closet that must have been washed in an evil detergent (we went through a few brands a couple of months ago looking for an "environmental" one that caused no issues). I thought the neck thing was likely just an extension of that as the shirt had a collar.

Anyways - I did finally feel the lumps - they are weird and inexplicable - and S has yet to be able to fall asleep. He kept waking up grabbing at the back of his head, so at 2:00am we decide to take him to the doctor's (likely a hospital since we *just* moved in and haven't found a 24HR clinic yet)... I want it to be nothing, but enough of something that they can help him (either by doing something or telling us what to do ourselves) and we can all sleep...

Andrew and Sebastian got home just before 4:00. Sebastian's lymph nodes were a little swollen and that is likely what caused the bumps on his head... The doc said not to worry unless the rash from earlier today returned with a fever - that combo could spell meningitis (especially scary right now because a local 15 year old just passed of this). I'm not too worried, though, and will keep going on with normal life unless things change. He slept well for about 4 hours and other than being a little sleepy he was right back to normal asking for PB&J and ice cream (breakfast of champions).

As the day wore on, Sebastian went from acting vaguely sick to acting fully bored and ready to rock. We had skipped out on any big activities but decided a trip to the coffee shop and park would be good for both of us. He played vigorously and happily, dashing any residual fears I may have still been harbouring. By the time Andrew got home he was just fine.

Off to a baby shower so will need to continue this later (realising my week was far more "exciting" than it seemed at the time).

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