Sunday, September 30

deals galore!

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Yesterday we drove out to Coquitlam (about 40 minutes), mainly because I had an urge to check out the new H&M (bad crunchy mama) and we had a long list of things we still needed to pick up for our home birth that we could pick up at the mall. Sebastian fell asleep about 10 minutes from our destination, so we stopped for drive-thru and stumbled upon a Value Village. I left the boys in the car and hit the thrift store looking for cheap towels and a bed sheet. I got 5 big towels and a sheet for $3.99 each! I also picked up some books, two parenting books, a vegetarian cookbook, a mom and baby yoga book and a book about organising playdates and parties - I paid $2.99 each for four and got one for free. We came home with a couple old magazines, a few baby outfits, a little bag of cars and a plane for S, two shirts and a baby doll - also for S. (*on the map, the three pauses are where we a) saw the H&M billboard and changed our plans, b) saw the sign notifying us that the road we were going to take was closed, and c) finally got going towards the highway)

Sebastian woke up about 1/2 way through my shopping spree and he and Andrew came and wandered the store together.

Once done there we hit the mall - I always forget how much shopping on the weekend sucks... it was crowded and loud and just barely tolerable. We went to Lush where they were having a sale on all unpackaged goods - buy two get one free. We picked up a massage bar, soap and shampoo, plus a free sample of shower jelly, which Sebastian thinks is the coolest stuff EVER.

We hit Old N*vy and got a few things from the clearance rack for S and the new baby, Andrew found a cool pair of cords that the hem had come out on - they were the last in his size and I suggested he ask for a discount (not his style) - we got the $36 cords for $14!! H&M was a bust - it was nuts and had a huge line for the tills - we gave up. Nothing special anyways.

We went to Zellers for the last few bits, got almost all of our birth shopping done - plus bits like hooded towels, receiving blankets and cloths. Now it is all sitting in our new laundry basket (future home of the birth kit) waiting to go to the laundromat for a HOT HOT wash.

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