Friday, September 14

our day in pictures

Start here - after a pancake breakfast with Uncle Julian, we geared up and headed out.

Following a coffee break where we met Karen, owner of New & Green, and picked up our new diaper stash (a baby gift from Andrew's parents), we went to the same park where a lifetime ago Andrew and I were married.

Can you believe it is already fall???

Trying out the macro on my new camera.

I rarely see these anymore - this one is across town from where we live - too bad, because Sebastian adored it.


Sebastian did not stop moving once until we were back in the car and he had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his hand.

Here he is making eyes at one of the other park mamas.

Nearing home, listening to the Beatles Love album (All You Need Is Love was the track) with an increasingly tired and crabby child in the back seat, and having just driven past the spot where only two days prior I had side-swiped a truck (I'm not quite ready to talk about that yet), it was nice to look up and see my silly, smiling family.

After we got home Sebastian put up a mighty fight before settling down for a nap. So once he was asleep I decided to ignore the dishes and fawn over my lovely new diapers.

We decided to get unbleached Indian pre-folds, not only are they inexpensive and versatile, they dry more quickly than many fitted diapers and since we plan on home-laundering and line-drying (more on that later) that is a big plus!

You might also notice a nice stash of Bummies Super Whisper Wraps - we only splurged on four over the entire course of diapering Sebastian (2 small, 2 medium) and they were awesome - I was beyond thrilled to be able to get a complete supply this time around (6 small, 6 medium). We also got some Snappis to try out (though we used no fasteners when we used pre-folds in the past), a dozen recycled flannel wipes, a dozen micro fleece liners, a small waterproof tote and locally-made wipes solution concentrate.

Diaper mountain.

Wipes in detail (these make me lust for a Serger of my very own).

And Karen's business card - if you are in the market for cloth diapers, I highly recommend New & Green. Not only is it local, but I've been amazed by the level of customer service I've witnessed in the short time I have been in touch with Karen. She really loves cloth diapering and wants people to love it too. During our coffee meeting she picked up a tester kit from one mother and gave a lesson on cloth diapering to a woman due with her first around the same time as I am. Once she finds a suitable space she will be running cloth diapering workshops - all this while mothering her very sweet nine-month-old daughter.

Andrew got home right at the end of my diaper photo-shoot and Sebastian woke from his nap just in time for pizza from a chain. I can not believe what we endured to order those damned things *or* that it cost as much as a good sushi dinner would have. But for some reason Andrew and I were both desperately craving stuffed crust (it was not nearly as good as I remember). In fact, none of it was very good and next time we'll stick with one of the much better local shops- or get sushi.

Andrew laying out the greasy "spread" while Sebastian drinks plastic broccoli from a cup.

After pizza we all crawled into the big bed and watched Fantastic 4.

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