Monday, February 18

cold coffee day

The sun is shining, the crows are chattering, my children are resting, but not sleeping, and I have just sat down for the third time today.

Time one, I poured my coffee, made my breakfast, sat down and found myself scarfing my granola and banana and running off to tend to a screaming Miss R.

The second time I sat was for lunch, noodles and "asian" sauce from a packet, helped by the addition of chickpeas, peanut butter, braggs and (for me) hot sauce. I dumped out my breakfast coffee and poured myself a cup for lunch. I made it most of the way through lunch and drank 1/3 of my coffee before we were off and running again.

Now, I sit with my third cup of coffee. Tepid the moment I added milk, the pot is 4+ hours old, after all, and now it is a matter of drinking it to get me through until 5:00 and not the joy of drinking coffee... sigh, I really love a good cup of coffee.

And, now to check and see if the man-child is sleeping yet (I have imposed consequences for not napping, he'll lose his collection of die-cast cars and his big-rig if he chooses to stay up and play today), and nurse the smallest Forsyth.

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