Wednesday, February 20

trying not to push my luck

Things have been pretty freaking awesome around here lately. I have a buncha stuff to do, heaps, in fact. Important things like making sure we can pay our car insurance (this may be a problem) and making sure our kids have medical coverage. I am slightly annoyed because I a) didn't think the insurance thing would be an issue because I thought the government knew we had two kids now and was giving us 2x our whopping universal child cafe benefit (no dice?) and b) because Andrew and I each dropped a ball getting rigby's MSP (provincial medicare) forms filled out and sent. He forgot to include a form and I forgot to fill out a section. I'm pulling my hair out trying to remember if we signed our taxes before I so smugly mailed them off a couple of weeks ago.

But all that aside, things have been cool. My family has remained pretty well-fed (with a few understandable, but expensive, slips), we've been getting in an appropriate amount of social encounters, we've been pretty harmonious in the home and my son is on the brink of being fully toilet-literate. Today he pooped on the pot all by himself. It was amazing. He's also re-gaining some nap-time independence, the last week I've been able to put him down in his room and leave him to fall asleep on his own. I've told him that he can choose not to nap, but the consequence of not taking his nap is that his collection of matchbox cars (and trucks and big-rig) will be taken away for two days. This is a common consequence, having a toy taken away for two days, and it seems to work well for us. It gives him an idea of choice and consequence, while giving him a consequence he can grasp, since "you'll be crabby and mom might go crazy by 4" wasn't all that motivating. He thinks I'm funny when I get flustered.

I was doing rewards for a while, but it got to a point where he would just choose to forgo the reward in exchange for funtime with crazy mom (often a few hours of dvds/books/toy tossing and snacks). It was hell. So, the consequence - I really hope it works because neither of us is ready for him to give up his nap.

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