Wednesday, July 16

I am a big fat hippie

On the advice of a trusted friend and my therapist, I went out yesterday and bought The Artist's Way, a pretty notebook and a nice pen. Last night I dove in and read all the introductions and the first week's module. This morning, I started my "morning pages" and wrote affirmations (and "blurbs" - the cynical mental reactions to my affirmations).

The structure will push me along and the process feels timely. Without getting too flower-child on all y'all, I'll likely share some of my insights and frustrations as I do the 12-week program.

The writing reminds me of Birthing From Within and I managed to get through the feeling that it was too new-agey to get something meaningful out of it, so I have faith that if I am open to the ideas and the process, I'll find direction and meaning.

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