Tuesday, October 2


Don't tell anyone - but Pandora is working and I *love* it.

There is a whole lot of stuff fluttering around this old, tired, mangled brain of mine - half-composed blog posts, craft ideas, parenting stuff... but right now, all that I can hear (besides my brilliant son reading his Thomas the Tank Engine book) is "ow, oof, sleep??? eat??? babybabybabybabybaby... wait, what??? huh?? where am I again??"

Today was a good day, productive, positive, and best of all - almost over. The morning was spent at the laundromat - well, first I got up and made tea while Sebastian slept in again, then eggs and toast for breakfast, a quick load of diapers in the ol' wonder wash (yes, we love it), a very quick tidy and *then* off tot he laundromat to wash all the things we'd bought at the thrift store on the weekend.

While there Sebastian intimidated, but then befriended a slightly younger little boy. Together they played with cars and playdough under the very patient gaze of the young boy's cool mama. They had a nice time and I got the mama's number, so hopefully we can do a real playdate soon.

Then it was home for lunch and a NAP - just yesterday I was convinced he would never nap again and then today he decides a nap would be swell. I used the time to clean, shower, put some laundry away and watch Rushmore... I *heart* Wes Anderson.

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