Wednesday, March 19

feeling blue

So, after a long week of steady progress, I am feeling slammed today. Luckily, things with Sebastian are still going well and so it is just a matter of really monitoring my own reactions to things and remembering to take those vitally important breaths before I go and do anything I'll regret.

Mid-month tends to be stressful for me, bills are due and suddenly it feels like the month is gone. Top that off with a trifecta of occasions the require preparation and planning and you have the ingredients for one overwhelmed Kate.

So it is funny that, while I feel quite whelmed, I do not feel overwhelmed. It hasn't been easy, and it hasn't always been pretty, but in general I am proud to say I have been able to maintain my composure while getting shit done.

Okay, today I feel overwhelmed, with the preparation of food for a dinner tonight and with some budgetary crises to avoid, but I know I can handle it all.

I think.

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