Monday, March 24

of all the things

Of all the things I should be doing right now, sitting on my ass putzing around the internet is not one.

I'm feeling absolutely drained after a badly thought out trip to Science World this morning. We chose to take the bus, rather than drive so we would get some fresh air, a little perspective, and some exercise. We had a good time, but stayed too long (in the hopes of meeting up with a mom who had said she would likely be there too). The part that really sucked, though, was that school is still out and therefore the place was just packed. On more than one occasion, I had to set aside panicky feelings and simply find my son.

It was messy and my sleep-deprived self was just barely able to hold it together. As we were leaving I set the traditional bag of overpriced popcorn on top of a trash can as I searched for my wallet. A gust of wind blew the whole thing away as my distraught child looked on. Because it was entirely my lack of forsight that led to the impromptu birdy buffet, I sprung for *another* bag of popcorn.

Our bus trip home was a longer-than-necessary trip in a bus that reeked of urine and urban decay. Every stop we seemed to wait a minute or two, and at one such layover, my very thirsty son accidently dropped his popcorn. So there I was, baby strapped to me and a miserable child beside me, and what do I do? I hand the kid a water bottle and get down on the floor and pick up as much of the popcorn as possible. A thoughtful fellow passenger gave me a bag to put the popcorn into as well as napkins to wipe fingers and noses.

Happily at homee, now, I have to get a snack out (technicolour eggs, anyone?) and sort something out for dinner. I am hoping for an early evening - same as last night, but an unexpected babysitting gig and the accompanying two cups of coffee allowed me to stay up far too late last night. Tonight promises to be rather uneventful, and to keep it that way I think I'll be scrrening my calls.

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