Wednesday, March 26

leaving little doubt

If anyone still doubts that I have a parenting book problem, I present my current collection of library books.

non-parenting books:

parenting books:

Supernanny is going back. It sounds good on paper and we even tried a few of her "tricks", but there are much better books (my current favourite being the one directly above Supernanny). I am attending a parenting class through my therapy group and some of these were recommended, others caught my eye or deal with things I'm dealing with (baby sign, eating woes, baby play) and one is there just for Andrew (Dads & Daughters).

As for the other books, I got two on housekeeping and the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People - it is a book I've always been curious about, when Sebastian picked it off the shelf I took it as a sign that it is time.

Sebastian got a heap of sick-day DVDs - though he's taken a turn for the healthier (unlike his poor mother who feels like there's a cactus stuck in her throat) - I think he'll watch some of them anyways this afternoon, give me a chance to make a nice dinner (meant to do slow-cooker chili this morning, but now will just make it on the stove) and start reading.

Tonight I'm gathering with some other women to watch America's Next Top Model at my friend Corey's pad. I am looking forward to the pop-culture injection, since lately I've been holed up in the 90's watching Buffy and listening to the music of my youth. I am also looking forward to showing off my new haircut. I'm looking far less dowdy, if I do say so myself.


Servidores said...
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jenny jonk said...

that is one supercute haircut lady.