Thursday, August 21

whoop - here I am

I am trying to decide if a trip to the gym tonight is a good idea. I need to go out, regardless, because there's an important banking errand to be done, but the gym? My ass is exhausted - though a workout might lead to a nice sleep tonight - or to even more insomnia - if I stayed home I'd just waste my time then complain about wasting my time - if I go to the gym, I will obsess about using the car twice today - if I go for coffee, I can ride my bike, which is exercise and eco-friendly, plus I could write a bit - if I take my bike, I will get all sweaty...

I just threw that last one in there to make it look like I hadn't already made up my mind. It is a lovely day for a bike ride or even a walk. I'll hit the wee "artist's cafe" down the street and I will be sure to get a decaf.

Today was a pretty nice day, we took the car to the food bank (which always makes me feel self-conscious, even though our car is beat-up and barely gets driven) and then went to the Family Place on "The Drive," I wanted to see if it was still pretentious. The short answer is *yes* - but it also looks like a place where Sebastian, Rigby and I could fit in. They were having a potluck today, which we skipped because a) we hadn't brought anything and b) because all three of us were funned out by 11:30. We'll give it another go, soon. We go out that way twice a week, anyways.

After lunch, we had a very peaceful quiet time. I didn't do much, we were up late last night and early this morning - everything I did today took twice as long as it would normally. I thought about writing something (anything), but really, I did dishes, listened to CBC2 surfed the tubes and shuffled around the house self-importantly. Post quiet time the kids and I hung out for a bit, then Rigby and Sebastian played together for a bit, Rigby took another nap, Sebastian watched a little TV and took a bath.

We've been invited to a baptism for our neighbour's daughter in a week and a bit. I think she's really cool, but our kids have opposing schedules, so we rarely hang out. One of these days I will make cookies and knock on her door... just not on a day where I look like I may have just gotten out of bed five minutes ago.

Damn, I just remembered, I need to drive to the bank. Frick. Okay, must get off ass, get going, get to bank, scrounge car for change for coffee.

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