Wednesday, April 2

pass the NyQuil

I've been having a shitty week. Actually, I've been having a shitty couple of weeks.

We've been sick on and off for too long. I am not getting the time I need to catch up and what time I do get I've been spending mindlessly wandering online or curled up in bed watching Buffy.

Last week, we celebrated Sebastian's third birthday with a small gathering of family and adult friends at my dad's place. It was nice and chill, Sebastian had a ball with some of his grandparents, aunts and uncles (both bio and acquired). There weren't a whole lot of big gifts (yay!) but there were enough to keep a kid busy. I pulled the party out of my ass and it turned out awesome! A special shout out to Aunty Dee, who saved the cake and my sanity.

After the birthday excitement was over, I just wanted to take it easy and catch up, but life doesn't roll like that and we've been busy busy busy - we found new tenents to live in the other suite in the house, we snagged some last-minute overnight childcare and celebrated Earth Hour with sushi and Uno. I've been staying up way past my bedtime, running just to stand still. Making sure that the bare minimum is getting done and really hoping for the desire to do some real work will strike.

Listening to the radio yesterday, there was a doctor on talking about drug-free therapy and preventative therapies. She gave some specific examples of ways to manage some diseases without *all* the drugs we've come to throw at them. Common sense stuff, eat well and exercise. That wasn't what stuck with me, it was a comment as the segment was ending, she said: "Don't wait to be motivated, because it will never happen."

With that in mind, this morning I am packing the kids up, grabbing some of Sebastian's new beach toys and hitting the sand. I don't want to go, I want to get back under the covers with tea and let Sebastian watch TV all day. But that isn't good for either of us and we will be at each-others throats by day's end if we go that route. The beach is good, no need to put on makeup, or even change out of my sweats, we'll get lots of fresh air and sun, there's lots of space for running and screaming, and best of all, no need to be social or worry about the spread of our disease to unsuspecting families.

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