Sunday, April 27

it's oh so quiet

It has been quite the lovely weekend here, all our chores are done, food for dinner is simmering on the stove and I got to spend a luxurious, if often interrupted, 11 hours in bed last night. Currently, three of the four inhabitants of my home are napping. The radio is on low, just enough to give the occasional hint of a song under the peaceful sounds of light rain.

The weather has been pretty brilliant, reminding me once again why we love living on the coast. Back home in Calgary, friends and family are recovering from last week's big spring snow. Here, my garden is mostly planted (with a few starts to go) and my new bike has seen some decent road-time. As I mentioned in my previous post, my mood hasn't been spectacular, but I can feel it lifting today.

A lot of cleaning happened this weekend, our first quiet one in weeks, and I feel the peace that comes with knocking some big items off my to-do list. This coming week promises to be full, but not hectic, and includes a visit with an old friend, a trip to the library, a session with my new therapy group, new neighbours (who are moving in right now), some sewing, and some gardening. It also brings my first one week challenge - to eat homemade all week (see sidebar). Last week, Andrew went without shower. He bathed with a bucket instead. It went really well, actually, and he's decided to keep it up, though not as strictly.

In other news, we've implemented a new time-management system that uses sticky notes on our (not magnetic) fridge. So far, so good - if it proves to be a success I will share the details. Family meetings are still a bit of a bust - gotta get those going again to save Andrew and I from the inevitable tension that develops when we both assume the other ought to be doing something they aren't.

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