Friday, April 25

just when you expect it - there it is

I think I had imagined that once my depression was "under control" I could just go back to life all la-di-da and have things roll the way I imagine they should. I didn't imagine it would be this long uphill battle with lots of sharp, pointy rocks. No, I thought it would be more like a pristine lake on which I would glide in a shiny canoe.

I have to give myself props for making it through this week without permanent injury, but boy was it a tough one. I've noted before that the week or so leading up to the end of the month is typically tougher, but have yet to figure out how to weather it without long moments of despair.

Tonight, with my kids tucked in and my belly full of cookie dough and cheap chinese food, I am retiring very early to tea, a couple episodes of Buffy and some well earned sleep.

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