Friday, July 20

ahh frick

Outside city workers at Vancouver's waste transfer station have walked off the job.

Not only does this mean that garbage collection will stop - but it is also my understanding that parks and rec programs, recycling, libraries, pools, community centres, etc, etc, etc, will all be affected.

Andrew and I have been talking all week about what steps we will take to halt our trash production (mainly a full return to hand-washing cloth diapers) and make sure our recycling pile doesn't get overwhelming - but it is going to smell awful in this city.

Not to mention the loss of activities, ways to cool off, the programs where we connect with other parents and kids... the public health impact of mountains of trash... the sad, sad, fact that our bedroom window faces the alley... ten years ago, when I first moved to BC there was a garbage strike - it was terrible, something I never want to re-live.

I don't blame the union for this - they have been without a contract since last year and are in legal strike position. From my understanding the city is not offering them anything close to what they want - and it sounds like their demands are reasonable. Raises to reflect the high cost of living, benefits, pay for hours worked. Things I believe the people who help our city run smoothly and stay so beautiful more than deserve.

At least I am now super-motivated to follow in Sarah's footsteps and go trash-free. Now if only the rest of the city could do it.

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