Friday, July 13

What do you mean it's only 8:00??

Seriously, I could go to bed right now... if I weren't sitting at Andrew's desk at work with Sebastian watching Emily Yeung on the TV behind me. Andrew is off getting a something for someone - he told me what and who, but really he could have said anything - there are so many names he drops and then there is the fact that he is a technician, and I am so not, so usually I just let my eyes glaze over a bit when I hear the words "network" or "processor" or "hard drive." I see the same thing happen when I talk about sewing (or as he called it until recently, knitting), so I don't feel too bad.

We have a had another long, difficult week. Last week was hard due to Andrew being on call and this week was tough because we were playing catch-up all week, plus Andrew turned 30 on Monday, it has been too hot to sleep, Sebastian has been talking non stop, and I have been a big ball of miserable (mainly due to the last two).

Sebastian's vocabulary is huge and he takes immense pride in his ability to share every single observation with anyone who will listen. This means he talks all the time. He is experimenting with word order and inflection "look, cat in bush!" "bush cat, look!" "cat in bushes?" as well as the effect of repeating the same thing over and over and over again. I don't want to be bitter - really I don't, I love watching him grow both physically and mentally. But man oh man - it is exhausting. Mid week I was convinced I would not be able to take another minute of it - but I could (I knew I could) and made it to Friday without applying tape to my son's mouth.

Tomorrow will be a day full of music and fun at the folk music festival, followed by a much needed night out with other adults! I am hoping that this weekend will leave me recharged, rather than drained. I do have more and more stuff that needs doing - at this point I know I will feel best once my back burner is clear and I can go back to focusing on the day to day. The heat has made procrastination easy, but I can't keep using it as an excuse to do nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Knitting....hehehe. Todd is a computer technician, so I totally understand the eyes glazing over thing. Sometimes I really feel as though our roles are reversed. He just jabbers on and on, and I just smile and nod. At least the only things he will talk incessantly about are video/computer games and computers. I'm sure it could be worse.