Thursday, July 19

full up

There has been a lot of junk rolling around in my head lately - concerns about my ability to parent two children, worries about our lack of preparedness for new baby, contemplating the fallout of a possible garbage strike on my three-toddler shared house, pondering two very lovely bits of correspondence from my usually distant mother and step-father, my father's on-again/off-again relationship with a woman I simple adore (I found out today it is on-again - that's good), tomorrow's EA IT staff party at Playland, Saturday's birthday brunch here for my littlest sister, connecting with cousins via facebook, the implications of my family reading my blog, a friend's planned visit, planning my own visit "back home", lack of sleep, napless boo, efforts to impeach Bush, Faith Hill's redbook photoshoppping, No Impact Man, a lovely gift of fabric from Sarah of Say No to Trash, moldy, overpriced onions from Capers... the list goes on and on and on.

Tonight I hope that Sebastian will go to sleep well for Andrew - my fatigue today means we did not get out and run around as much as we usually do and watched WAY more TV than we usually get in in a month (he watched while I slept), plus not napping always makes him unpredictable. By the time Andrew gets out I will probably be curled up in bed - if I am still awake maybe we'll watch some Scrubs - that always makes me feel better.

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