Friday, July 20

one of the things I've been up to*

The one I made for the craft-swap arrived on my swap partner's door step today and she likes it! I am a) really happy it got there so quickly (sent it air-mail on Tuesday because I was already a little late in mailing it and wanted it to get there quickly - but woah!) and b) really happy she likes it. It was my first stab at this pattern (with an added flap and inside pickets) and I am definitely making one for myself. I like the pattern because it can basically be adjusted to make any size bag and turned out a nice-looking, solid product.


Embroidering the flap was tons of fun - though time-consuming as all hell - I haven't done any embroidery in years, but am really happy with how it turned out. The outer fabric is a dark denim (with a little stretch) that I bought ages ago to make a skirt, and the lining is a thrift-shop sheet. I didn't interface either fabric, but if I were to use anything lighter than the denim I would *definitely* use interfacing.


lining detail



*reposted from my craft blog - because no one ever goes there (don't worry, I am not offended - there's not really anything to see)


Jen said...

That is an awesome bag! I would totally buy it. And thanks for your comments over at toddlerspit--I'm glad to know about your blog.

See you around!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen - one day, maybe I will sell some of the things I make. For now I am just happy to have something else to add to my gift-making repertoire.