Sunday, July 8

babies and lists

Before Sebastian was born we compiled lists upon lists of all the things we would need to care for him. I had taken to reading too many pregnancy magazines and between those and the various pregnancy websites I visited daily, I was convinced I knew exactly what we would need, down to which brand/series/collection. There were things we knew we didn't need, crib bedding (unsafe), change table (unnecessary), rocking chair (no space) and things we knew we would definitely need, car seat, stroller, clothes - then there was all that stuff that fell in between, would we need an excersaucer, wipes warmer, or breast pump? And all the things we thought we needed and didn't use, the bouncy seat, the high chairs, the crib, and too many silly toys.

This time around we have the benefit of being second-time parents and the blessing(?) of having much less money. We have decided to keep things simple and easy, buy things that are high quality and will last a long time, buy second-hand the things we can, worry much less about style and much more about function. We have also been putting things off until we're sure we need them - so t-minus three months, we have a stroller, a crib (that needs re-finishing) a baby bath and two sleepers. Yup, that's it. We got rid of everything after Sebastian was born (everything? yes, everything.) we were that convinced we would always be a single-child family.

This week it hit me I only have three months left until I pop a new life out into the world, it seems like forever until I think about how quickly the last months have flown by. In no time my belly has popped out, I am cranky and craving and feeling the baby move every time I stop enough to notice. We need to start planning. Now.

I think I have been putting this off in part because I have been so intent on de-cluttering our space that I am anxious about bring more "stuff" into it. I have also simply been turning the challenge over in my head - how little can we get away with getting? Also, what do we wish we'd had with Sebastian? What was totally useless?

The list so far:
  • car seat (convertible - good from infant to booster)
  • swing (portable - something that won't take up too much space)
  • baby monitor (we want to splurge here and get a really good one, we would likely still use one with Sebastian once in a while (kwim?))
  • diapers (organic cotton pre-folds and covers)
  • wonder wash and spin dryer
  • baby carriers (pouch and mei tai)
  • onesies
  • cloths
  • towels
  • blankets
  • mattress for crib
  • weekly cleaning service (I am only half-joking)
  • electric breast pump

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