Friday, June 13

my glorious freedom

Today, at 3pm, my husband and son climbed on board a ferry. Destination: Grandma and Grandpa's. Until 8pm on Sunday it's just me and Noodle... today, we throughly cleaned and washed the car, we hit Ikea for a return I'd been putting off, a glass to replace the broken one from our set, and to recycle a pile of batteries, then we stopped at Toys'R'Us for a birthday gift and some on-sale toys for squirrling away, all that was followed by a leisurely drive home listening to the CBC. It was swell, really swell.

Now we're home, Noodle's in bed (though not happy, having woken up in the car as I was unloading all our bags), and I am trying to decide whether I want to clean, go to bed, read a book or watch a movie. Given that it is only 6:30, I can likely do most of those things and still manage to take a shower.

Tomorrow we have a few more errands to run, things like toiletry shopping which is so much more leisurely when we're not being stalked by staff who worry that my son will tear their store apart (unlikely). Also, it is easier to buy a less-expensive, less branded toothbrush for Boo when he's not there - he's all about the dental-care bling.

Aha - I just got off the phone with my friend D, she's on her way over with burritos! Guess my plans have been made (I think I should still take a shower).

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