Wednesday, June 11

simple things

a few bits that made me smile today:
*my fridge is clean, if a little empty
*I can walk, with both kids, to the laundromat, get two loads of laundry done, hit the park and enjoy the experience
*my son is at least as well-behaved as the average child
*we can afford not to have our children in child-care - we can barely afford it, but the pay-off is worth it
*I don't have a commute and my husband's is by transit, insulating us, somewhat, from rising gas prices
*Friday is pay-day
*Friday is also the day my husband and son leave for a Father's Day adventure on Vancouver Island
*our newest systems are working out pretty well
*I am only 29
*summer is coming, even through the gray I can feel it

Aunt Molly, on the slide May long-weekend.

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