Thursday, May 31

done like dinner

It is damn hot out. We had dinner on the beach last Tuesday -

Holy crap spring has flown by, it was already roasting out at 9:00am when we walked to the park (stupidly stopping for a hot coffee that ended up mostly un-drunk). I ran into the mother of one of the only two Sebastian's I have met since my son's birth - she has two little boys and Sebastian fit right in with them. She and I slipped easily into causal conversation - casual stuff like the weather (hot) and the playground (empty save for our three) and our families. Sebastian, having refused everything offered for breakfast, quickly got both tired and over-stimulated. He slipped back into that horrid beligerent-toddler mode and I decided we would best to leave (I was also getting hot and needed to pee - and was quickly turning into "yelling mom").

After a snack/early lunch (a nectarine that had earlier been refused, pb&j and a glass of milk) we played around for a little bit and the child took a header out the window of his "recycle-house" - a house made out of the box from his stroller - and a crap (simultaneously?). We went to the bathroom, assessed the damage, found it to be not-life-threatening and read a book.

During his nap I opened the mail and found *TWO* good bits - one, a letter from the credit card company apologising for fucking up my last payment (and giving me a heart attack) and vowing to put it all right again, the other was a bunch of stuff I got with the airmiles we both forgot we collected. I "bought" two passes to the aquarium, two two-for-one movie passes to subsidise my new passtime and a ticket up to the top of the Harbour Centre tower (spinning glassed-in deal that I will hate - ugh, heights - and Sebastian will LOVE).

We were originally planning on going to the aquarium this weekend but might go to the dump instead. I am actually really curious about trash and recycling now (since finding out about Sarah McGaughey and Kyle Glover’s no more trash project) and would love to see what steps are being taken by the city to deal with the trash produced.

Also during his nap I made a yummy sweet potato and red lentil soup that would later be served with cheese sandwiches and followed by popsicles. I skipped the library, even though we have stuff due, so will have to take care of it tomorrow (note to self - where the hell is Raffi?) - Andrew gets paid tomorrow so I will have to make some kind of a budget before we blow it all on hats. I am going to attepmt to once again hold us to a foodplan ala Hogaboom - we really neeed to get on that. And the worst part? Totally my fault. What may help this time would be including Andrew in both the meal planning and the meal preparing. We'll hit the farmer's market on Saturday morning with a specific list... I hope.

In other news, I had an ultrasound yesterday - bummed out that this kid is pulling the same modest baby thing Sebastian did at his mid-pregnancy ultrasound. So, we still don't know if it is a boy or a girl (not that is matters, right?) - I think I may have stepped over a line when I said to the little bean "come on, baby, open up your legs for mama," it certainly didn't do any good as the little prude kept its legs tightly shut. As far as we can tell everything looked normal (no gasps of alarm, there were two arms, two legs and a head... I suppose we'll find out when my midwife gets the results) and it was another dose of reality for me.

It has been yet another helluva week and I am starting to get the feeling that's just how my life is now - not so bad, but I should start getting more sleep so I can keep up. It is 9:30 now and immediately after this line I am going to get me a back rub and hit the hay.

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sarah mcgaughey said...

Thanks for the link. I like your blog. Weird thing is, I am having a baby and one of the 2 boys names my husband and I have picked out is Sebastian! It's a good name:)