Tuesday, May 22

I lied

I didn't like the new stroller at all this morning, so I exchanged it for a better colour. The only bummer is I had to get this season's model so it wasn't on sale (an extra $90 that my Dad may or may not reimburse me... not that I really think he should have to, but it sure would be nice).

Edit: I was assembling the new stroller when Andrew got home (Sebastian took a marathon nap) and we both agree that it rocks. Not only is the colour nicer, but the new model has a few extra features (cup-holder) and some nice (though minor) design improvements (I prefer the pocket on this one, the "toy bar" is now made of wipe-clean pleather instead of fabric, and the seat fabric is more breathable).

We went for a walk this evening and Andrew and I both love the thing, the handle is height-adjustable, the shade on it is HUGE, the cup holder, while not suitable for a coffee or other "open" drink, holds Sebastian's cup and a bottle of juice or water, as well as my keys, camera and phone in the zip-up pocket.

The only cons so far are - it won't fit through our gate without opening the other side and .... nope, the gate thing was it. We have been "spoiled" with our teeny-tiny umbrella stroller that fits anywhere, but I can totally see us taking this baby to the market and on all our walks (a once daily habit I have fallen out of lately and dearly miss). Thursday I will cram it in the car (it is far from compact) and bring it to Science World where it will face its most daunting challenges to date. Normally I would take the smaller stroller (or no stroller) and expect him to spend most of the visit walking, but I have a secret hope that Sebastian will take a nap and give me a chance to nerd it up old school. Cross your fingers for me.

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