Sunday, May 20

my amazing (amazingly easy) salsa recipe

because I really do make awesome salsa - and you can too!

You'll need:

- some nice red tomatoes* - enough to equal the volume of salsa you want**
- one average white or red onion
- a jalapeno
- some cilantro
- a lime or two
- salt
- and any additions, like avocado, beans, corn, pineapple or mango

You'll do:

1) cut the tomatoes into quarters and get rid of the cores and all the oogy bits - your salsa will be plenty wet without all that snot. Dice em up and toss them in the bowl you'll be serving in.

2) chop up about half the onion - you're aiming for a 2:1-3:1 tomato to onion ratio. Sprinkle on some salt, not much - about the amount you would put on your dinner. Be conservative, you can add more later.

3) carefully cut the jalapeno length-wise and seed it - throw out the seeds... do not touch your eyes or pick your nose after this step... it will hurt like hell. Chop one half (or less) and add to salsa bowl. If you are unsure how spicy you would like it, just add a little bit now and save the rest to add later.

4) chop up a small handful of cilantro, try not to swear too much, add to salsa a bit at a time, stirring, until it "looks right."

5) wash your limes (especially if non-organic) and add the zest of one to the bowl. Then cut in half and add the juice to the mix - watch those seeds! Hang onto lime number two - you may need it or you may end up using it with your drinks.

6) taste. Add salt, lemon juice and jalapenos as necessary.

7) (aka. the hard part) let it sit in the fridge for as long as you can. The salsa tastes best on day two - but can, if necessary, be eaten immediately. It will keep in the fridge, wrapped, for about four days.

This is best served with que pasa chips, because they are the best.


Add any combination of pineapple, mango, corn, beans, and avocado*** - in an amount about equal to the onions, though more has never hurt it. Our favourite is salsa with avocado and mango. I will often serve original salsa on night #1 and use the left over salsa with some additions to eat with chips or leftovers the next day.

* I prefer the ones "on the vine" or plain old romas... but as long as they are red and not too big they'll work well
** for my family, with two very serious salsa eaters, I use three smaller tomatoes for one day's worth - ie. one meal or one plate of nachos
*** when adding avocado you will shorten the life-span of this dip, adding more lime juice will help keep it from turning prematurely brown, but this is best served within 24 hours. You can also make the salsa in advance and add avocado shortly before serving.

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