Thursday, May 17

while I'm procrastinating, I might as well write something rambly

Sebastian just went down for a late nap - having been kept awake by his mama's need to buy dinner fixings (I know he would have been happier if I had let him nap and tossed a box of mac and cheese together for dinner). But I save those for real emergencies (and days when we haven't already had hot dogs for lunch). Dinner tonight will be a feta and asparagus frittata. I amsupposed to avoid all but hot, cooked feta while pregnant - and yet have been craving it like MAD, so this is my comprimise. We had eggs last night too, because until we get paid tomorrow there's something like NO money in the bank. Thankfully I stashed a carton of eggs away earlier in the week and veggies for dinner were cheap (though I had to split a $9 bill between cash and debit - how embarassing). We also have half a bottle of half and half in the fridge that will go bad in a couple of days. I buy the smallest bottle I can for my almost daily coffees and always end up having to find a use for half of it at the end of the week.

On a related note - I have found the joy of organic, fair trade *bulk* coffee. I can buy enough for the week for less than two americanos and with my new grinder can measure precicely enough to make two cups of coffee. And my hand-me-down coffee maker, while missing the handle, does have a thermos-brand carafe - so when I get back to that second cup in that afternoon it is still hot! ...speaking of...

So, I am in a wicked-good mood today. This morning, Sebastian and I went to the nearby family centre for their drop-in program. This is set up much like the family place we went to when living in New West - but bigger and better, and best of all, still FREE. They only ask that you bring fruit to share at snack time. Sebastian played so nicely I was able to sneak off and sit in on a discussion about healthy snacks in the "parent's room" before story time. Sebastian was reasonable well behaved during story and song time - he shared his book well, but was pissed when they took the books away for a group story. But, thankfully, he sat on my lap nicely for two whole books before song time. He LOVED the song about elephants playing on a spiderweb (Sharon, Lois and Bram, I think) but wasn't digging the wheels on the bus.

There were two incidents where I thought we might have to take off, but the staff were great and came over and made him laugh while singing and doing their actions. We then had a snack of fresh magoes, banana, orange and apple - a bona-fide hit! And got to go play outside in the fenced-off basketball courts with a variety of trikes and cars. When that got dull Sebastian went to the playground and was amazing about waiting his turn and sharing (right up until it was time to leave, but promises of lunch helped sidestep that tantrum).

Other things I loved - I talked to not one, but TWO awesome, friendly mums, I spilled coffee down my clean, white shirt and didn't feel overly self-concious about it, next week we're going to Science World as a group and it will only cost me $5 (reg: $16) plus bus fare, and the place is within walking distance.

We then went to the library and signed up for library cards (I had to wait to get something sent to the new address before I could sign up). Sebastian was good there until it came time to look for books for mama... thankfully I found what I was looking for fairly quickly (some of the same pregnancy books I had used last time and some back-issues of mothering mag) and the yelling was kept to a minimum. Lunch was next - hot dogs all around! We then had a parcel and dinner fixings to pick up before heading home. If I hadn't put him down at the market, he likely would have fallen asleep on my shoulder - but I let him roam free and that was it for any sleepyness. We came home to find *another* parcel at the door! This one was addressed to me and had been shipped via UPS... a mystery.

We came in, opened the package from Andrew's parents to find gifts from their recent trip to England. Sebastian is the proud owner of an official England soccer uniform - complete with socks and a new Thomas the Tank sun-hat. Lucky kid! Andrew and I both got some sweet trinkets, including a beautiful picture frame and a cheesy, but cute "World's Greatest Computer Whizz" mug for Andrew (I wonder what the extra "z" is for).

The other parcel?It was my birthday gift from my mum and step-dad, a new CAMERA!!! It is a tiny and awesome Canon SD600 that I will love and cherish and use often. I have been wanting a little point and shoot camera for years - hating to lug around Andrew's massive Kodak. Especially hating the shots missed because I hadn't had the forthought, or room, to bring it. Now this can just go everywhere with me. I love it. I have never loved an object as much as I love this camera.

I wish I had known years ago that when people ask what you want for your birthday and you *tell* them - they'll actually get you that thing (as long as it is reasonable). I hate putting people out and asking for anything, so this is a lesson I am just now learning. But it makes lives a little easier and I only ask for things that I wouldn't buy myself and only for things I think are reasonable. And I really never expect anything from anyone (though I *love* getting presents!!), not because I don't think I deserve anything (that might be a part of it) but because I really don't think anyone should feel obligated to get me anything. In recent years I have extended that to both my husband and my parents, I am so blessed just to have wonderful people in my life - I don't actually need presents. This also means that when I do ask for things I like them to be sensible and useful (like the vacuum I got for my birthday or christmas from my mom a few years back - and the gardening tools). They are both things that I still use today and when I do (especially my beautiful Lee Valley tools) I think fondly of the gift-giver.

The little things that I am hoping to get for my birthday this year? A new Moleskine journal, subscriptions to Mothering Magazine and/or Brain, Child, and anything that was made (or purchased) with thoughtfulness. Books are also aweosme... I assume you're all taking notes.

Actually, by combining my brithday and wedding anniversary into an afternoon picnic, I hope that no-one feels obligated to get me anything. I really hate feeling like people feel like they might "need" to do anything for me. Except show up.

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jenny jonk said...

Caleb has the very same soccer uniform. i think its a size 2. i'm keeping it for paity when she's ready for it.
I agree about the present thing. nicks mum will spend TONNES of money on crap if i dont tell her what i want, eventhough i hate doing it.

happy birthday mama!!
enjoy the feta!