Monday, May 21

last of the birthday bashes

Tonight we had a lovely dinner at my dad's place with dad, his fiancee, my sisters and the three of us. We had an assortment of bbq'd burgers to choose from (veggie, turkey, bison and salmon) as well as a lovely cous-cous salad and pasta salad. Sebastian was an adorable terror prompting more than a few disapproving, but loving looks from my dad (aka. Grumps) - Grumps' house is far from kid-friendly, it is full of expensive antiques and art work. But the reality is, he loves his grandson and would let the boy get away with murder (just don't touch the stereo).

I got my new stroller (a 2006 Zooper Boogie) - initially disappointed with the colour (I wanted teal but got navy as the store was sold out of teal) - after a long, drawn out discussion of the pros and cons of each stroller colour we decided to assemble the thing and decide. We love it, it is cool, fits our current and upcoming needs, won't go out of style, doesn't scream out for attention, and totally works for us.

I also got an amazing pair of earrings from my sisters and a gift certificate to Motherhood. My ex-step-mother sent me a lovely card with a note indicating she would like to comission me to sew her a scarf like the ones I made my sisters for Christmas (no pics, sorry). I have been looking for an excuse to start sewing again and this one seems perfect!

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