Friday, May 23

dirty boy

My son has not taken a bath in almost a week.

Now, some of you may be cringing - wondering what kinds of filthy my child is brewing, and some of you may be nodding - secure in the knowledge that kids are alright if they miss a bath or three, but all of you must realise that a week is pushing it. It isn't for lack of trying, the past few nights we have almost, but not quite, made it into a bath. Is it because the boy hates baths? Nope - he loves them and would quite happily have two a day. It is because we have lost the plug!

I have no idea where this thing has ended up - it has lived happily in the bathroom for three years, a cute novelty stopper with a big blue whale attached by a long chain. The only times it has left the washroom in the past was to move to a new tub. So where did it go?

My son pretty convincingly pleads ignorance, my husband and I have done a pretty good job of searching high and low... and???? Nothing. Bubkis. And no bath stopper means no baths.

If it doesn't turn up today, I fear* a trip to the discount store may be required.

*every trip to Welks ends with me having a mini heart-attack at the register, having loaded my basket with ten items I didn't plan on buying. I hear some people use lists - what a novel idea!

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