Friday, May 2

on immunizations

With Rigby's first visit to the doctor came that now-important question of immunization. The waiting room was littered with pro-vaccine propaganda, but the doctor herself was helpful and open to the idea of a delayed schedule. It was during that discussion I realised I did not know nearly as much as I should about the issues. There are a lot of issues to consider.

Coincidentally, earlier this week I picked up a copy of Brain, Child and it features an article by a scientist mother The Needle and the Damage Done, that explores some of the issues. After reading it I'm inspired to read the Sears book on vaccinations (The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child) and am filled with relief that this question isn't an easy one for so many of us.

When vaccinating my first, I was pretty trusting of the establishment. He followed the schedule until we left Calgary* at which time so many questions had begun popping up in my head. My trust of most control systems was fading and the idea that my interests were often not the ones being served was blossoming. Now open, my eyes will not shut. As hard as I might wish.

So I am left with more questions and no answers, but at least I feel like I am gaining some ideas.

*Sebastian has had all but one shot - his last experience with that vaccine was unpleasant and frightening (though far from perilous), we are eventually going to get him up to date, but at this point we feel comfortable with his assumed immunities.

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