Thursday, May 1


There's a whole lot going on here at casa del forsyth, including the formulation of a business plan based on an idea thought up yesterday on the loo, the ever-required planning and organizing that go along with running of a home, swap projects to start, finish and mail, a zine to put together, an embroidery project that I am doing along with another craft dabbler, a bagel recipe to try, and today, Rigby's first doctor's visit.

The sun is shining and I have been taking it pretty easy (all things considered) - my garden is sprouting and there are already tiny green berry nubs on my two strawberry plants. Our landlords installed a fence out back and this weekend they'll put in the gate - it only took one short escape by Sebastian for them to get on it.

My one week challenge is not going as well as I had hoped - but we have been very conscious of what we're eating and why. My slip ups have been of the pretty mundane variety - a salad bought at Capers* after a skipped lunch, too many coffees, and one very delicious wheat-free granola bar from a neighbourhood cafe.

Now I am off once again, Andrew needs to stay at work tonight - so I am dropping Sebastian off with him for a bit while I go meet our new doctor.

*our dear, local, frou-frou-chi-chi market has recently merged with Whole Foods - BOOOO

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