Friday, May 2

some days make me feel like drinking more than others

It has been quite the day here - in the past six hours, Sebastian has:

- pilfered chocolate
- unwrapped four sticks of butter
- eaten about a tablespoon of said butter
- had two complete meltdowns*
- painted his left eye with bright red nail polish

The last event prompted our very first call to poison control (very helpful) and no long-term damage is expected. It also required the cleaning of the bathroom and his glasses using my very tiny bottle of nail polish remover**.

The highlight of all this was a heartfelt apology from Sebastian for the mess, a better understanding of the reasons mom and dad say certain things are not for play, and my own amazing calm throughout the entire ordeal. I can tell you right now that I was *freaking out* inside - images of Marylin Manson's eye kept flying through my imagination - BUT, I was quite miraculously able to stay business like and compassionate from the moment he brought the incident to my attention^ to the moment that we removed the last of the polish from his hands^^.

My bathroom still looks a little like a TV crime scene - I need to pick up some more polish remover this weekend and hit the sink and floor again - but none of us seem much worse for wear.

I'm going to miss that slutty-red nail polish.

*these were no doubt related to the early morning consumption of chocolate.
**on the plus side, acetone free=no damage to his very recently replaced, and not yet paid for, plastic lenses.
^where was his mother?? I was resting with Rigby while I thought he was in his room enjoying some quiet time.
^^he still has some in his eyelashes and around his eye, but he doesn't seem to notice it. I did the best I could given Sebastian is one of the many kids who is very hesitant to let anyone do anything to their eyes.

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