Friday, May 23

project friday

Big project:
Convert master bedroom into bedroom/studio space.
* find new home for king-sized bed (if you live in Vancouver, we're asking $200 on CL)
* hit a couple garage sales looking for: a big hamper, a work-table and more glass dishes (great score last week - photos will come)
* find places to put all the stuff that lives under our current bed
* fix and assemble futon that will be our "new" bed (minor damage saved us $200 on the exact same bed we wanted from Ikea - score!!)

Little Projects:
Two small embroidery projects (to be done while watching TV).
Swap assembly (after the kids go to bed tonight so all my swaps can go out).
Create an outline daily routine and plan week's activities.
Sort out weekend and align our various commitments.
Weed garden, plant sprouts that haven't died from neglect.

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