Wednesday, June 6

an aside

related to my last post.

I talked mostly about dealing with Sebastian, i.e. teaching and interacting with him to make him better - but I also wanted to mention how those things help me too. If Sebastian, being smaller and having his emotions much closer to the surface, is like that canary - I am the big ol' miner. Our needs and fates are so closely linked that I can not take a one-sided tack on this "operation" this is an organisation-wide operation, that will take into account the needs and desires of all involved (I talk mostly about myself but do appreciate my husband's role in this) and will require we all make some changes. Some conscious, ours, and some learned, boo's. And we do not delude ourselves that there will be a time when we can wave that giant "Mission Accomplished" banner.

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Andrew Forsyth said...

So... I guess I'll go return the balloons, streamers and banners then.

Bush was going to attend and everything.

Since I think I have never commented on your blog I thought that this would be the time to do so.

That smiling boy to the right, mild mannered and loving is within our reach again and to bring him and ourselves back to the light will be an arduous task but a just one. I look forward to the time when we can 'high five' his politeness, compassion and out going personality again.

A virtual glass raising to "the road ahead"

The Husband.