Wednesday, June 6

questioning my sanity

I am still adjusting to the fact that other people read my writing. It seems silly because I knowingly put my thoughts and trials out there to be read. I want people to read them, I really do... but...

there is something eerie about having people know a little bit more about me than I would normally and naturally let them know. It isn't like I worry about it when all I am doing is talking about strollers or playdates - but when it comes to my own personal muck I feel really naked.

The things is I need to write this stuff and I want to share it, I love the insight and support I get. I love it when something I have written actually resonates with someone else. And being a naturally open person, blogging suits me just fine. It is a great way for me to practice writing, which is something I would one day love to do professionally, it is a nice way to keep friends and family up to date and a great place to show off my most excellent family.

I am just trying to shake this feeling of dancing onstage for the first time.

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