Monday, June 4

Saturday in photos

Riding the bus from the parking lot to the Open House site - note the look of quizzical anticipation on my son's face, likely a combination of factors: his first ride on a school bus, the sights, sounds and smells of the landfill, and the fact that he was both seat belt and car seat-less.

Andrew, lord of the tractor: He looks underwhelmed, but I assure you he's having fun.

Andrew getting his rock star on, check the neon green beard. Rock on dad, rock on.
A dragon for Sebastian - he was SO good through this, his first face painting.
That there is a big-ass truck dumping out garbage.

Thrilled by his belly button.
The trash heap with a regular-sized truck on top of it - for some perspective.
Chowing down on a veggie dog (thanks to the face-painting vegetarian for telling us about them).
Next year I will make Sebastian dress up like this balloon butterfly.
Sebastian regaling "Return-it Man" with tales of trucks and sand.
And after a hot day at the dump, there's nothing better than a dip in the pool.
Even later that day at our friend Shannon's Sebastian had a chance to listen to his heart beat. He was mesmerized, he was just staring at Shannon as though she had just blown his mind.
Andrew, lord of the snack table.
It might just be me - but I look at this picture and can't help thinking that it looks as through Brian is about the grab Shannon by the neck as she plays a tune on her beer bottle. (Not to worry, it wasn't that kind of party).
My teeny-tiny glass of wine.
Sleeping it off.


Kristi said...

The open house at the dump looked like lots of fun and I'm sorry we didn't get our lazy butts out there on Saturday - next year!

kate said...

It was lots of fun and really enlightening, we are totally doing it again next year. Thanks so much for turning us on to it!