Tuesday, June 26

Seattle trip, the final three days in photos


Sebastian was far more interested in the waterfall than the barely visible jaguar pacing the far side of the enclosure.
A very sleepy boo vegging out in front of the tube after a long day at the zoo (note sun-kissed cheeks, despite wide-brimmed hat and (admittedly only one) application of sun screen).


A post-lunch photo op with an old friend of mine (who I haven't seen in, oh, 20 years, but who has known me "since before [I] was born") - ps. I covet her office/studio space.

Andrew and Sebastian invented "poke the bottle cap" as we waited for our dinner.

Teaching my son not to talk with his mouth full (do as I say, dear, not as I do)


"You call this food???""Seriously, Mom, even this plastic penguin won't touch it."

I can categorically say that Johnny Rockets was *not* a "blast".

Be a hero.{still taken from a video, 30 seconds of him giving me this look, I think it means "Why the fuck are we sitting in this car and when can I play in my sandbox? Oh, and would someone please turn off that fucking sun??" In my defence we do have tinting up in that window and he was wearing a hat - but I agree, driving sucks.}:

Stopped at a gas station, I asked Sebastian what was in Canada, apparently kids and his sandbox - and though he doesn't miss it he wants to go home.

Kate: Hey Sebastian, where are we going?
Sebastian: Canada, oh dad, you coming? (he had just gotten out to pump gas)
K: What's in Canada?
S: Kids Canada.
K: Yeah, there's kids (can you tell we have covered this point an awful lot? I realise I sounded a little bored), what else is in Canada?
S: a sandbox in Canada.
K: Do you miss Canada?
S: No.
K: Do you want to go home?
S: Yup.
K: You want to go back to Canada?
S: Yup.
K: Me too.

This is what happens to my normally cheerful kid when we wake him up from his nap to put him in a car for (at this point) an hour of driving. After stopping for dinner he was slightly more cheerful, though his mood didn't really lift until we pulled up in front of our house and he knew we really, really were HOME.

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