Thursday, June 21

Seattle trip, day two

After sending Andrew off with a warm bagel and coffee from the hotel coffee shop, Sebastian and I came back upstairs to find something fun to do. Lacking any solid plans I decided it would be a great day to check out University Village, we packed up the car and drove, very briefly, to the shops. There we wandered around, gazing into the shop windows and at the integrated water features. We stopped at Village Maternity, where after a long browse we settled on a Bella Band for me and a dragon shirt and sunglasses strap for Sebastian. Things I wanted, but couldn't afford: diaper bags, glamourmom tanks, bella materna underwear, lovely-smelling body butters and facial cleansers, and just about everything else there. It was really nice and a lovely store, but it reminded me why I just don't shop at places like that anymore. I have gotten very good at denying myself fancy things I can't afford, but there are times I really miss it.

After that stop we went to the very cool fenced-in playground and played among other kids. I can tell Sebastian misses the company of other kids his size, I made a promise to both of us to really try and find a set of neighbourhood kids he can play with regularly. My plan is to start by going to a playground at least two mornings a week and to the local drop-in playgroups (there are two free ones) once a week each. With luck I will meet some cool parents and can start building my community.

Post-play we grabbed groceries and headed back to the hotel where we met Andrew for lunch. With all the excitement, I wasn't convinced Sebastian would nap and so made plans to go to a swimming pool. Unfortunately, upon investigating, I learned that the nearest pool's public swim would end before we could get there. While looking for an alternative Sebastian went rock star on the hotel room. It was insane. That was his not-too-subtle way of telling me he was sleepy and needed a nap. I helped him get off to sleep and then started poking around online in the dark. Everything was fun and good until the hotel's internet cut out. Rather than sit sadly in the dark, I sat between the window and the curtains and did a little reading.

Andrew came home with a take-out menu for the veggie place across the street, we ordered a huge amount of food (in the hallway, because Sebastian slept until Andrew left to find a courtesy phone to order food from) and later we ate like royalty on the floor of our hotel room.

It was another late night for Sebastian and early night for us - we were all happily asleep by 10:00pm.

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