Saturday, June 16

nudism and other adventures

We have been working on the whole potty training bit with Sebastian for a few weeks now, somewhat half-heartedly, focusing more on awareness of the potty, having fun sitting on the potty, and awareness of when he is about to pee or poop. Things have progressed slowly (obviously) but I think I hit on something yesterday, while naked Sebastian will request a diaper and then immediately eliminate in it.

This means way more naked time for Sebastian, he is ecstatic, and renewed hope for us that we will not have two kids in diapers at once.

It also means that comments like "Sebastian, it is considered rude to put your peen in someone's face," and "you will need to take your peen out of my ear before we play horsey," have been overheard with surprising frequency this morning.

In other news, we need to get ready for our trip to Seattle on Monday. This means an oil change, a trip to the laundromat and some frantic packing. I hope to get all this done today because tomorrow id Father's Day and we are taking my dad and husband to the Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden tomorrow followed by brunch. And there is nothing I loathe more than last-minute, late-night packing.

Monday morning I am meeting an old friend I haven't seen since high school for coffee before we leave, in my mind it works out so that Andrew can load the car up un-interrupted and when Sebastian and I return we can hit the road.

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