Friday, November 9

another week, another facelift

I *heart* Friday. Because on Friday night I get to stay up late knowing that someone else can spend the first few hours with Super Boo while I lay in bed with Baby Rigs, drinking coffee (note to Andrew, we need cream - IGA will be open before I'm awake, I'm sure), eating breakfast foods and reading. It won't be long before my dear and wonderful husband stops thinking of me as "that amazing woman who birthed my two wonderful children," and instead sees me as "that lazy cow who stays in bed all weekend." With that in mind I am going to enjoy the last bits of his goodwill. I am starting to get sick of my laziness (and its associated lack of productiveness) - I am going to miss staying up late watching movies and reading blogs though.

As for the recent changes, I really like this layout and while searching for a new layout and experimenting with various free templates I learned some new HTML tricks. I even helped Andrew make his new template work. I rock! I added a "books I'm reading" widget and am re-vamping my links list, I can't remember all the bits I lost in the many (MANY) template switch overs - but it is kind of nice, starting over from scratch.

I also dyed my hair - it is now deep brown and sex-a-licious. Now if only I had a) any desire to have sex and b) a matching sexy haircut, though I would settle for a bang trim.

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