Saturday, November 10

so guess who *didn't* sleep in?

Or wake up to coffee?


Not that I am complaining (much), it is just how things rolled this morning.

Sebastian has not been sleeping well, none of us have, actually - I have been suffering pretty bad insomnia. I can't even blame the babe, who sleeps like a champ most nights, no, this is all me. Subconsciously I think I am trying to make up for all the time I spend each day in the company of small children. I have been watching way too much "TV"- we blew through season three of Arrested Development this week and then last night watched Little Miss Sunshine (cute, but overrated) and The Pick of Destiny. I then stayed up even longer trying to wake Rigby up to nurse (yeah, yeah, but I was hoping I could avoid her waking me up just as I was ready to pass out - it didn't work) meanwhile reading through the first part of Taming the Spirited Child (see sidebar). Just as my eyelids began to stop functioning, Rigby farted and woke herself up and Sebastian wandered in and asked for a new diaper. Andrew woke up and helped me out considerably, we got both kids in new diapers and I then passed out with babe at the boob. I slept a few hours, nursed, slept a little more, and woke up in a pretty foul mood.

Seems we all did, so we scrapped our first three plans and Andrew took Sebastian downtown to wander around his work and then along the sea-wall. I was ordered to go to the coffee shop (so I could keep reading my book) but as my head cleared I realised that if I went out and came home to the same disaster of a home I would likely lose it (again). So while they were out I cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned. I also made lunch - but neglected to ensure it was simmering on low and not just keeping warm on low and the rice did not cook in time. Instead we had some hard-boiled eggs and will eat the beans and rice for dinner (I just realised I forgot to add the spinach - I am going to go do that right now and stick it in the oven to heat up - perfect opportunity to refill my coffee, too). So, since writing that an hour has passed, my house is full and loud and likely getting messy again, but I am alright with that. Really.

I've also lost my train of thought.

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