Tuesday, November 6

so this is my life now...

Day two by myself with my two children (that still feels odd to say, man) has passed without serious incident (as in, we are all alive and still speaking to one another). Sebastian is jealous and bored, Rigby is plump and sleeps a lot... I went through a whole half-pot of coffee before drinking half a cup, (and then as I wrote that I made a smoking mess of dinner*).

I am thankful that for this first bit, life with two is only slightly different than life as a very pregnant woman with one. I think if things were much more difficult than they are now - I would run away and never look back. Seriously.

But still, there is absolutely no denying that things are getting better. We have all come a long way in just two weeks - Sebastian went from being so upset by his little sister's crying that on day three he actually vomited, to either comforting or ignoring her. He has also hopped enthusiastically on the potty-learning bandwagon and has fallen asleep on his own for his last two afternoon naps!! After a bit of a lull once I was back on my feet, Andrew has jumped back into his role as domestic daddy. The level of domestic balance he and I are currently sharing is something I hear few families experience... I still handle most of the running of the house, it is, after all, my "job" - but in the time we are both at home, the work is split almost evenly (and I think he actually does more than I do in that time - but don't tell him that). I am growing more confident that I will be able to pull this off - I keep having these moments where I realise that I am in this for the long haul and it scares the shit out of me, but when it hits me I am finding myself doubting my ability to handle that reality less and less. And Rigby? Rigby now weighs a whopping 9 pounds, 14 ounces and is busting out of her newborn clothes (thank goodness for Joelle, who lent me a giant bag of baby clothes - because of her I am not facing retiring a whole bunch of unworn stuff), she also smiles already and tonight, I swear, she tried to laugh.

Life is good - my husband and daughter lay sleeping next to me. My son is asleep in his own bed. And I am here - writing this instead of responding to the piles and piles of wonderful messages people have been sending since Rigby's birth.

*dinner turned out okay - I was making a tuna pie (with yams, potatoes, onion, broccoli, parmesan and, of course, tuna**), the crust burned horribly, but the insides made a half-decent tuna "stew."

**yeah... we're not vegetarians right now. I started eating a little meat while I was pregnant, and then when I was at my mom's... well, she is such a great cook and I was 8 months pregnant... and then it just spiralled out of control and here we are, still not eating much meat (and even less now that I am cooking again), but eating meat. I think we'll revisit vegetarianism soon - but for now this is just easier.

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