Thursday, August 30

and now, a bit of regret

I realised while thinking about my amazing growing boy (who yesterday asserted that he had a sister - we shall see if he is right!) that in April his dad and I wrenched him our of a community of families that he was just growing comfortable with and have yet to replace them. Part of it is that I didn't want to have to "replace" any of the wonderful people we had met while we were living in New West, and part of it was my hormonal hermityness, and part of it was my shyness - I had spent so much of my social energy meeting the people I had met - could I really do that again??

So we have kept busy and have seen our old friends on occasion (old friends who I miss dearly and wish I could see more often) but we have yet to make any nearby. That is a lie, I have met loads of parents and kids - I haven't invested much energy into becoming their friends.

Today I promise all of us that I will make more of an effort to meet some people and be social. We're off to the Family Centre this morning (finally) and instead of heading downstairs and talking to the staff, I will find some other parents to talk to.



maybe I ought to shower first...

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