Sunday, August 5

I think my son is a cat person

If you know me well, you know I am not big on cats. I can put up with them, I even admit that they look awfully cute. I have met great cats, I have met a *lot* of shit-head cats, and every cat I meet aggravates my allergies. I like dogs a little better, but really, fish are right up my alley - especially when I consider how tiny and inoffensive their excrement is.

I think cat people are a little wacky.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

So when, near the end of Emperor's New Groove when Yzma is turned into a fluffy kitty Sebastian got excited, and then when she fell he burst into tears - only stopping when I showed the final scene a few times *proving* the cat was alright - I started to worry a bit. When at the end of the film he threw a level six tantrum, and was only distracted when I made his little people tiger sing the meow mix song, my worries mounted. Now, that he and his dad have watched a good 20 minutes of stupid cat videos on you tube (including the two up there), I am pretty sure we have a genuine cat person in our midst.

I shouldn't be surprised, my feelings about furry animals are not well understood by my husband, who grew up surrounded by cuddly creatures of all shapes and sizes. It is not the first time I've seen a pet in our future, we have time before that is a reality (we're talking years - I am not picking up poop until I am finished with diapers) and enough friends with pets to tide the kid over.

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