Wednesday, August 8

and the beat goes on

The Vancouver civic strike is the beast that just won't die. Piles of trash are starting to appear in parks, despite the efforts of a number of park users to pick up what they see. Our trash bins are overflowing, though I am taking much solace in knowing that our relative impact has been small. I am rather amazed at the amount of trash the other two families in my building produce - because we're still not doing that great a job of being trash-less.

Andrew and Sebastian took on the job of sorting their recycling so we could move our own growing pile off of the fireplace mantle and out into the blue boxes. He is amazing - he made two over flowing blue boxes fit into one, with room to spare. Allowing our own sizable pile to fill half the other box (I think he is magic).

During the strike, not only are parks getting more trashy - but so is the beach. Today's trip was actually quite eye-opening, mostly it just pissed me off that people can't fucking pick up after themselves. Thankfully, the trash-cans are getting emptied (occasionally) and so there was somewhere to put the trash we picked up. Oh, I forgot to mention the rat we saw run across our path on our walk last night - good times!!!

That said, I am glad the beaches are still open, with bathrooms that are being occasionally attended to. With the pools closed there isn't anywhere else to go for a dip, though driving to Burnaby, like my friend Kristi did yesterday, is not such a bad idea.

Here, again, for the benefit of all my Vancouver mama-friends is the wonderfully comprehensive list from of things to keep this strike from wrecking what's left of summer.


annemarie said...

Hey Kate - I have to thank you for linking to my strike list & I'm glad you're finding it useful. I'm so ready for this strike to be over, I'm having a hard time being creative enough to keep finding things to do but then I'm also finding lots of great things about Vancouver I wouldn't have if I had wading pools & playgyms at my disposal...

Maybe we'll bump into you out & about in the park someday...

kate harris said...

Hi Annemarie,

I want to thank you - you are doing an incredible job over there. You've definitely filled a void.

And now that I've seen your book (I don't get out much) I'll be sure to add it to my baby-shower list. I read the excerpt on and when I read the anecdote about family dinner I had a very vivid flashback. I have a feeling good post-partum nutrition is not one of those things that is "easier the second time around."

Cheers, and thanks for the note!


Anonymous said...

No it's definitely not easier the second time round, but second babies are usually easier, so that helps.

All the best,