Saturday, August 25

if I manage to move my butt off the couch

and do the three things I want to get done first, I am going to make this bread from the New Homemaker site. I am out of wheat gluten (I actually forgot why it was I used to buy it) and so will be messing with the recipe a little, but the process looks like it is most of the trick anyways.

okay - 1...2...3....ooooooof

UPDATE - I did not get to this yesterday, it is now 10:00am and I have just started the first step. I'm planning on making one loaf and some dinner rolls, since I only have one bread pan.

SECOND UPDATE - The bread rocks, unfortunately we totally overcooked it because we had to run out and do an errand and trusted our oven's timer. On the way home Andrew pointed out that the over takes for-freaking-ever to cool off after use so the bread would likely be over-baked. It was. The stuff in the centre was delish and moist though and I am definitely making the bread again. The steps seems a little daunting (a sponge??) but it was actually all pretty simple and quick between waits. I used my mixer for kneading and will continue to unless I have an extra 30 minutes for kneading (an activity I totally enjoy), and because I was gluten-less I used one cup white flour and reduced the w/w by 1/2 a cup. Though while kneading I added about an extra 1/2 cup w/w flour to keep it from being too sticky. When I have a successful loaf (tomorrow, if I am on the ball enough) I will post.

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