Monday, August 20

really quick note on Klean Kanteens in Vancouver

I've noticed that a few people have ended up here looking for a place in Vancouver to buy Klean Kanteens - I just wanted to mention that I did see bottles yesterday at Capers on Cambie for $19.99. They were not the sippy-cup style, but were simple medium-sized ones. We were on the run (after you-know-who) so I did little more than note that they were there and their cost. I will continue to look out for them!

(Whole Foods in West Van does not carry Klean Kanteens, but does sell Sigg bottles for around $25 (if memory serves) - I also saw a poster at the Eastside Family Place advertising Klean Kanteens, but forgot to investigate further before we left - I will also post on that after this week's visit.

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