Friday, August 31

tiny little fists of fury

First a little update from yesterday - Andrew came home early and arrived just after Sebastian woke up. The two of them went out and picked up Indian take-out and a bottle of wine (neither of which we could afford, but I am so not complaining). We had a lovely little dinner and I nursed my glass of wine while Sebastian and Andrew played outside. I got a bunch of work done on a very pressing sewing project. We totally meant to go to bed early, but I ended up staying up and basking in the great support of a bunch of online mothers. I got a very nice email from a good friend who I haven't seen in months that brought me to tears. I feel so much better knowing that I am not defective - I am really glad I shared.

And now, back to those tiny fists of fury.

I mentioned yesterday that Sebastian has taken to hitting - it comes and it goes, and has since he became mobile. While I really hate seeing him do it, and *loathe* the feeling of impotence

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