Saturday, August 25

what... what?

Three days after a lovely visit from my sister,my house and family are getting back into the groove. Fall is upon us - the crisp breeze spilling from the window behind me is lightly scented with the promise of rain and pretty soon a sweater will be in order.

Sebastian and I are on the tail-end of a mild, but annoying, head cold. It has made the last week, including the tail-end of Amy's visit, fairly unpleasant. Sebastian has been a tiny emotional powder keg, blowing his top at the most unpredictable (and inconvenient) times. Andrew and I are feeling a little frayed due to it, coupled with my general pregnancy discomfort and return of my moodiness, (which I am trying so very very hard to keep in check) it would be an understatement to say that tensions are palpable.

I have also managed to possibly alienate a few family members and friends by being an unintentional jerk - but am also a little worried I am reading too much into chilly communication. I am really hoping everything will blow over, but am pretty sure I am going to have to figure something out.

Times like these make me with I had more brain-power at my disposal.

And if you are any of the many people I have angered or offended I really, truly am sorry. I hate to admit I don't even know who (or how many whos) I have pissed off - I just know that I've been a little nutso and hermity and get the feeling people are talking to me through clenched teeth. I think I may just keep hiding out until October/November, when, ideally, my hormones will start evening out and (hopefully) my mind will come back to me (I am hoping it has had fun on its long vacation - I sure have missed it).

If I haven't pissed you off yet, I might - so I am going to apologise in advance.


Anonymous said...

Bah! Don't sweat it. Everyone knows you're just a crazy hormonal pregnant lady! They'll get over it.


kate harris said...

I love you KT.