Friday, August 3

I promise I will post something interesting soon - but not today

I've been going through what could be best described as a funk. Maybe you'd noticed.

Today I did something I haven't done in ages, I cleaned the bathroom. It didn't feel quite as good as I had hoped it would, but once I finished I figured I might as well vacuum the kid's room, then the kid spilled the last of his cheddar gators in the living room, so I hit that one too. By this point I had decided not to make dinner (it would have required a trip to the store) and instead I called the big pizza chain and ordered us a fake pepperoni pizza.

When Andrew got home, he and Sebastian played outside while I *gasp* read a book. I finished Miss Wyoming, many many moons after I started it. It was nice to do something else, I have been too connected lately, reading too much online, absorbing too much news and too many opinions. Wasting too much time.

It is like my old relationship with television. So I need to reign that crap in before it gets all out of hand. I think I am going to take a break from some of my daily reads - perhaps pick up some new-old ones (having finally imported my old Internet Explorer favourites) and maybe take some time for my hobbies. Or maybe pencil some time for my family in somewhere.

In that vein (or not), I have four or five half-finished blog entries I am going to finish up this weekend - so that I can stop feeling so overwhelmed every time I open dashboard. Plus there will be all kinds of cute pictures.

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